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Parish Council Meetings

The full Parish Council meets bi-monthly in June, September, November, January, March and May. The meetings are usually held on the fourth Wednesday.  In May the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council are held. Parish Council meetings for 2019/2020 will be held as follows:

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Wednesday 11th September 2019

Wednesday 27th November 2019

Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Wednesday 20th May 2020 (Annual Meeting of the Parish, Annual Meeting of Matlock Bath Parish Council and Full Council)

Format of the meeting

In the first part of the meeting, there is an opportunity for members of the public to speak for up to three minutes on issues that affect the Parish. A maximum of 15 minutes is allocated for public participation. Later in the meeting, the Councillors will either discuss the issues raised and then formally respond to the member of the public as soon as practical after the meeting or the matter will be deferred to a future agenda. There is no requirement for public participation although it is deemed good practice. Some meetings may not have a public participation slot and this could be due to the amount of business to conduct on the agenda. The Police are also invited to attend the meeting and give a report for the Councillors’ attention. Finally the District and County Councillors give a report to the Parish Council.

In the second part of the meeting, the Councillors discuss the issues on the formal agenda which is published a minimum of 3 clear days before the meeting and is available on the website. Members of the public are welcome to attend the whole meeting as observers but may only participate in the very first section outlined above.

Records of meetings

The draft Minutes of the meetings are published as soon as possible after each meeting. They remain in draft form until they are approved by the Council at the following meeting. These are on the website (links below.


The Parish Council has various committees that deal with the day to day issues of the Council. These give an opportunity for parishioners who do not want to give the full commitment of being a Councillor yet would like to contribute in some aspect of community activity. Currently there are committees for Finance & General Purposes, Planning, Facilities, Environment and Conservation (formerly the Nature Reserve), Communications and Activities. The full Council will from time to time decide to set up further committees or close existing ones.  All committee decisions are subject to ratification at a full Council meeting. Members are elected by the Council and confirmed each year at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.

Click here to see Agendas.

Click here to see Minutes.

Click here to see Chairman's Annual Reports


Next Parish Council Meeting


at The New Bath Hotel
All Welcome
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